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TIVA provides virtual and social media planning and development services.  

We believe that experience and excellent taste are the foundation to every successful event. We are happy to consider ourselves as a virtual support system that compliments your traditional event planner.  That’s why we offer a variety of services that frees up the feet on the ground to take care of the other neccesities to make certain your event is a success.


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  • If you need to run a teleseminar or webinar. TIVA sets up seminar, coordinates speakers, does a technical run-through with you or other presenters. During the event, TIVA monitors the seminar and troubleshoots any issues that may come up during the event. TIVA records and arranges to sell or share your teleseminar as needed.

  • You need a venue for your next conference, seminar or event. TIVA researches venues and contacts to determine availability, size, and specifics. TIVA obtains written quotes, compiles a comparison, and reports findings to you.

  • TIVA keeps in touch with speakers and sends out announcements about the event, keeping track of who has and hasn’t responded and sending out reminders.

  • TIVA arranges for someone to be there to greet and register your attendees.

  • TIVA confirms that the necessary equipment (projectors, screens, recorders, refreshments, amenities) will be available at the event.

  • During the event, TIVA stays in touch with you and the venue staff to make sure all is going smoothly.

  • TIVA will help you develop a concept for event, if needed

  • Partner with clients to identify their needs and to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality

  • Provide marketing and PR to promote and publicize event

  • Set up online survey to conduct pre- and post – event evaluations and report on outcomes

  • Research market, identify event opportunities and generate interest

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